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Our services

MundiPass is a rapidly growing company, offering global immigration services, including residence permit and second passport acquisition in various countries, depending on your goals and needs. Our immigration lawyers and agents can assist you with over fifteen programs in eight jurisdictions.

Immigration services

Our professional team is dealing with residence or citizenship for investment programs, aiming to assist those, seeking for an opportunity to relocate. The grounds for residence or second citizenship acquisition may be different: purchase of a real estate, making a bank deposit, making a direct financial contribution, setting up a business etc. Among our customers we have people, who are willing to move with their family as well as businessmen expanding their business or setting up a new company.

Our immigration services include, but are not limited to:

LatviaResidence permit:Company investment
Real estate purchase
Bank deposit
SpainResidence permit:Real estate purchase
Bank deposit
Purchasing government bonds
MaltaResidence permit:Investment
Second citizenship:Bank deposit
CyprusSecond citizenship:Financial contribution
Real estate purchase
DominicaSecond citizenship:Financial contribution
Real estate purchase
GrenadaSecond citizenship:Financial contribution
Real estate purchase
Antigua & BarbudaSecond citizenship:Financial contribution
Real estate purchase
St. Kitts & NevisSecond citizenship:Financial contribution
Real estate purchase

Our offers

Depending on your needs and goals, we may offer several jurisdictions, each having it’s own pros and cons. Before you proceed it is essential to understand what is your true goal: visa-free travel, family relocation, better life quality or business startup? The table below will provide more details regarding jurisdictions and programs we are offering as possible solution.

We may also provide other ad hoc immigration services, if required. Contact our agents now, to know more.

Business immigration solutions

Entrepreneurs commonly name several main reasons for relocating. Amongst them often are labor and workforce issues, the wish to conquer new markets, the urge to upgrade facilities, the desire to reduce costs or increase income. For different companies and at different times, certain factors are more crucial than others.

MundiPass offers business immigration services for those seeking an opportunity to expand or start a business in one of the offered jurisdictions. Certain jurisdictions, like Latvia or Spain, provide excellent opportunities to combine business with immigration benefits. For our clients we may also provide the following corresponding services, if required: