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MundiPass sets high quality standards when it comes to business immigration services and tailor-made solutions. We always put maximum effort so that our client can achieve what is desired, therefore, we have qualified immigration agents in 8 different jurisdictions worldwide, offering more than 15 different immigration programs, allowing to apply for a residence permit or second passport.

We do realize that every person is looking for an opportunity to relocate due to different reasons, that is why we want to provide as much information regarding each of the jurisdictions offered and their programs. Every jurisdiction has it’s own culture and traditions as well as have set their own legal standards and requirements, which may play a crucial role on a final decision. Please see all jurisdictions below and choose the one that looks the most suitable for you!

Latvia is a country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe; it is one of the three Baltic States. Latvia is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign citizens – both, from other European Union countries or countries outside of EU – either for tourism or business purposes. Business immigration is becoming increasing popular due to favourable business, legal and infrastructure environment. 683.6 thousands of travellers with business-related purposes travelled to Latvia in 2016. Latvia offers several residence permit programs for those, who are willing to stay in the country longer than 90 days during one half-year time period.

Malta is a Southern European island country, which consists of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies 80 km south of Italy. Malta offers two golden visa programs: one – for citizenship, and one – for permanent residency. Indefinite residency program grants permanent residency rights in exchange for a minimum of 250,000 EUR investment in Maltese government bonds for at least 5 years, 30,000 EUR contribution to the State Fund of Malta as well as a purchase or rent of a property. While Maltese and English are official languages, Italian and French are also widely spoken, allowing for effective communications to the national of many European countries. Being the third fastest growing economy in Europe, Malta surely offers a bright future and wide prospectives to any investor.

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in south-western Europe, with Canary Islands off the North African Atlantic coast. Spanish culture is highly impacted by Roman culture with a slight addition of local identity, which will differ depending on province. Foreigners travelling to Spain for business purposes are able to obtain a residence permit, also called a Spanish Entrepreneur visa or the Spanish Gold Visa. All the foreigners who wish to relocate to Spain are welcomed to obtain country’s residence without having the knowledge of Spanish language or studying the history of the country.

Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. Tourism in Cyprus takes a dominant position in the economy. Cyprus is an advanced, high-income economy with a very high Human Development Index. Cyprus also offers citizenship by investment programme that is established by Cyprus Developers Alliance jointly with KPMG.

Grenada is an island country in the Caribbean Sea and it consists of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands located at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. With a help of government, a new petrochemical exploration program and thriving tourism industry, Grenada is changing into one of the most desirable places in the world to do business, work, live and retire. In order for an investor to acquire Grenada citizenship, an investment to the National Transformation Fund is required.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a sovereign island country located northwest of Martinique and southeast of Guadeloupe. The economically secure country with a parliamentary democracy has no taxes for non-residents. The Commonwealth of Dominica offers an official economic citizenship to those seeking a valid second passport. Dominica offers the cheapest citizenship by investment program in the world with reputable second passports starting at only 100,000 USD.

Antigua and Barbuda are islands that can be found between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. In addition to both major inhabited islands, Antigua and Barbuda, there are numerous smaller islands. Antigua is famous for its many luxury resorts. Antigua and Barbuda also has a very generous tax system and doesn’t include a tax on gift, wealth, foreign income, inheritance or capital gains. The islands have established an economic citizenship program for investors wishing to acquire passport and citizenship.

The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, more officially called the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, is a country consisting of two islands and located in the Caribbean region. Due to English as an official language, high levels of broadband access and high literacy rate (98%), Saint Kitts and Nevis is a perfect place for doing business. It also offers advantageous tax system. A Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) for everyone who wishes to become St. Kitts and Nevis’s citizen was established in 1984.

Immigration solutions

MundiPass is ready to offer you one of the immigration solutions mentioned above, depending on purpose of your relocation as well as your true goals. We can assist you on a residence permit or a second passport acquisition on the grounds of real estate purchase, business investment, bank deposit or financial contribution. Such solution can be perfect for those seeking for global opportunities. You can read here about all programs offered more extensively.

Nevertheless, residence permit and second passport are two different documents, entitling to different benefits. In order to read more about each type of document and each program – please proceed to our Global Immigration section.

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