Residence permit in Spain

For the past few years Spain is considered to be one of the EU countries having a greater number of foreigners interested in living and investing in it. In 2013 Spanish government proposed the Law on Entrepreneurs for foreigners, according to which, foreigners can take an advantage of the Spanish migration program for investors and receive a long stay visa by applying for temporary residence permit (TRP) at the Spanish Consulate in the country of origin or residence.

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Residence for investment program: bond acquisition

Temporary residence permit program in Spain based on making bond acquisition offers foreigners an easy way of investing their financial means in Spanish Economy in order to reside in the country longer than 3 months within a 6-month period.


A foreigner is eligible to apply for a residence permit, if he or she has reached legal age of 18 years, has no criminal record, does not have been refused entry to any of the Schengen countries, has proven monthly income 2 130 EUR for the main applicant, 532 EUR for any additional family members applying.

It is also possible to submit a request for family members – applicant’s dependent children or spouse by marriage.


In order to acquire a temporary residence permit of Spain on the grounds of bond acquisition the following requirements must be met:

State fees and costs

In order to apply for a Spanish residence permit based on the bond acquisition, you will have the following expenses (apart from the investment volume itself) involved:

In order to apply for a Spanish residence permit based on the bond acquisition, you will have the following expenses (apart from the investment volume itself) involved:


In order to receive a temporary residence permit in Spain, the foreigner must have a valid travel document and submit the following documents (requirements for residency can differ depending upon the applicant’s country of origin):

Other documents may be requested by the Immigration office on case-by-case basis, therefore, this list is not final.


Time frames

General time frames for obtaining TRP are 1-3 months once the formalities of acquiring the bonds are completed (normally residence permit decisions are made within 10-20 working days).

However, Confidus Solutions lawyers are not responsible for final decision-making whatsoever, therefore, case hearing period may extended by the Immigration office.

Annual extension

After a temporary residence permit is issued – it must be registered on the basis of a 2 year period and need to be renewed after 5 years. Renewal does not require a person to permanently live in the country during past 5 years period.

Permanent residence application

After acquiring temporary residence, if the foreigner lives in Spain for at least 1460 days (4 years) within 5 year period – he or she may apply for a permanent residence. Otherwise a person can fully reapply for another 5 years of temporary residence.

Benefits of holding Spanish temporary residence permit

Holding Spanish residence permit grants its holder the following benefits:

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