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In this section you can find miscellaneous information, which you may find important as a customer, client or visitor. Because MundiPass is willing to provide fullest information regarding our scope of duties and liability, we recommend browsing through this section prior to contacting our agents and lawyers.

However, you need to remember that this website is made of summarized information and general advices, which should not be recognized as a legal opinion. Our website is created for only one goal – to provide general information. If you are seeking for specific information or you require a legal opinion presented by a qualified agent or immigration lawyer – it is highly recommended to contact us.

This section currently is not finished and it is updated time to time, so if you want to keep track you may re-visit this section later.


If you have any questions about business immigration, immigration programs, legal procedures, documents required, our services, agents or liability – you can look for answers in this section.

MundiPass F.A.Q. section contains answers to the most commonly asked question regarding our company and our services. For your convenience we have grouped all questions into several categories to make your search for answers simpler.

If you cannot find your question here – please contact our agents!


In this section you can find disclaimers about terms and conditions of application contained within this website, our services and our liability. We highly recommend reading our disclaimers prior to browsing the website or ordering our business immigration services.

Disclaimers are needed to limit the liability of the MundiPass website wherever possible. Disclaimers play an important role as MundiPass may not be capable to make sure that the content published on the website is constantly fully updated as well as we have no impact over how any of the information provided is used or interpreted.

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