About our company

MundiPass is a rapidly growing company, offering global immigration services, including residence permit and second passport acquisition in various countries, depending on your goals and needs. Our immigration lawyers and agents can assist you with over fifteen programs in eight jurisdictions. Our professional team is dealing with residence or citizenship for investment programs, aiming to assist those, seeking for an opportunity to relocate.

Our mission

Our main goal is to assist international investors and entrepreneurs on immigration-related matters and provide high quality business-immigration services. We value comfort of our clients and their needs above all else, therefore, we set the following as our primary quality standards:

We put client interests ahead of the firm’s;

We follow strict ethical standards;

We protect client confidentiality;

We maintain an independent perspective in any situation;

We manage client resources cost-effectively.

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Our services

Our professional team is dealing with residence or citizenship for investment programs. Our immigration services include, but are not limited to:

full legal assistance during acquisition of a residence permit or a second citizenship;

consultations regarding local immigration law and program requirements;

preparation of all legal documents required during the application procedure;

organizational support during early stages, short-term visa acquisition, if required;

personal assistance of a lawyer when submitting the documents at the local immigration authorities;

representation of the client’s interests at local government institutions and courts;

assistance with seeking of a valid investment option and due diligence procedure (real estate, company etc.);

assistance with local banking, if required to fulfill the requirements.

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