Residence permit via bank deposit

In some jurisdictions it is possible to apply for a residence permit on the grounds of making a bank deposit in this country. However, there are certain legal requirements, which must be met. Usually, this is the most efficient residence solution in terms of investment return, as the bank will pay you deposit interest rate, and after deposit is due – you may collect invested funds in full amount.


It is highly recommended to proceed with this option using immigration agents’ professional assistance, as we may represent your interests and negotiate the potential bank in order to acquire better deposit terms and higher interest rates for your deposit.

Residence permit by bank deposit in Latvia

During the 2016, there were 6,581 temporary residence permits registered in the country granted to foreigners from 107 countries. 1,528 of the registered foreigners came from European Union (EU) and Eurozone member states. There were 1,239 permanent residence permits registered during the same time period, granted to foreigners from 30 countries. By the end of the 2016, the total number of foreigners who ever received a temporary residence permit in Latvia was 38,193. The amount of foreigners who ever received a permanent residence permit in the country over the same time period consisted of 52,189 people.

Residence permit program in Latvia based on bank deposit investment offers foreigners great opportunities to invest their financial means in credit institutions established in Latvia with the aim of obtaining country’s residency. This type of investment provides a facilitation of business operations and ensures earning dividends while strengthening local economy.

Major requirement – a foreigner has to subordinate liabilities to credit institutions of Latvian Republic in the amount not less than 280 000 EUR, with the term of the transaction contract concluded not more than 5 years and make a contribution paid to the state budget amounting to 25 000 EUR.

Residence permit by bank deposit in Spain

All the foreigners who wish to relocate to Spain are welcomed to obtain country’s residence without having the knowledge of Spanish language or studying the history of the country. Immigrants can also retain their own nationality and passport while becoming Spanish residents. Temporary residence permit program in Spain based on making a bank deposit offers foreigners a decent way of investing their financial means in Spanish credit institutions in order to reside in the country longer than 3 months within a 6-month period. Depositing money in a local bank can facilitate person’s business and ensure dividends from the invested financial means.

In order to acquire a temporary residence permit of Spain on the grounds of depositing financial means in the bank account of one of the Spanish financial institutions the following requirement must be met: the deposit must be made in the total amount not less than 1 000 000 EUR.

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