Acquisition of Dominica citizenship by purchase of real estate

Since January 2015, Investors willing to become the citizens of Dominica have two options they can choose from. Under the “Economic citizenship by investment” program, investors are able to invest in previously approved real estate project. Investors were not able to gain Dominica citizenship without actually residing in the country until 1993. But since Economic Dominica Citizenship program was established by the government, this Caribbean state has become one of the most flexible and affordable double citizenship and second passport programs in the world. In fact, Dominica just won award ’Best Caribbean Citizenship program 2016’ due to the cheapest real estate investment program in Caribbean region.

If you have any questions regarding Caribbean citizenship or you want to apply – contact our agents now!

Acquire citizenship by purchase of real estate in Dominica

If you have any questions regarding the procedure or you are willing to apply – contact our agents now!

Major requirements

In order to become a Dominica citizen, an investor needs to make a 200 000 USD investment in a previously approved real estate project. This investment can be recovered when the real estate is sold not earlier than 3 years after purchase. After 5 years it can be resold under Citizenship by investment program to another investor willing to gain double citizenship from Dominica.

Other requirements and fees

In addition to the main investment, the investor and its family will need to pay additional fees:

In addition to monetary contributions, the investor needs to conform to several other requirements:

Citizenship application procedure

Investors willing to apply for double citizenship and second passport in Dominica need to find an Authorized Agent who is eligible to deal with Caribbean economic citizenship program as it is not allowed to apply directly to CBIU (Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit). The Authorized Agent will perform a basic due diligence on the investor and guide him or her through the entire process of acquiring double citizenship.

Other requirements and fees

In order to submit an application the following documents must be provided:

Time frame

It takes 3 to 4 months to acquire a second passport and double citizenship in Dominica, from which a comprehensive due diligence by the Government usually takes 60 to 90 days depending on each individual.


In order to acquire second passport, the following general steps are to be taken:

Advantages of holding a Dominica second passport

There are various advantages of becoming a Dominica citizen and receiving a second passport. Dominica can be proud of exceptionally strict due diligence and quality control measures which ensures high reputation not only of the country itself, but the investor’s new passport. In addition to this major advantage, Dominica double citizenship program offers:

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