Citizenship in Cyprus

The government of Cyprus has developed various incentives in order to attract foreign direct investment into Cyprus. Citizenship by investment program can be considered as one of them and grants full citizenship and second passport to investors and their family members along with full benefits of living, working and studying in European Union. The program was developed by Cyprus Developers Alliance together with an internationally known audit company KPMG and has already attracted more than 3 billion EUR of foreign direct investment.

In September 2016, positive changes were introduced to the Citizenship by investment program by reducing the minimum investment amount from 2,5 million EUR to 2 million EUR and a possibility to include parents of the investor provided that an additional property will be purchased at the minimum amount of 500 000 EUR + VAT.

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Citizenship for investment program based on financial contribution

Any eligible investor who wants to become a citizen of Cyprus can apply through Citizenship by investment program and after fulfilling several financial and other requirements will be granted a second citizenship and second passport of Cyprus with full benefits including free movement in Schengen zone. The financial contribution of 2 million EUR can be invested in several different ways:

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The main applicant wishing to obtain a second passport of Cyprus via Citizenship by investment program needs to be:


Additionally, the following requirements must be met, in order to successfully apply for Cypriot passport:

State fees and costs

In addition to the core investment, an investor will be obliged to pay fees as described below:

Documents required

Applicant will require providing the following documents, as well as other documents, if requested on case-by-case basis:

Time frames

Generally, the application process takes up to 6 months depending on each applicant and the number of family members applying. The approval is granted within 2 to 3 months and the rest of the period is intended for document preparation. However, case hearing period extensions are possible.

Annual extension

In order to keep the second citizenship and your second passport only one visit every 7 years is required by the Government of Cyprus. A residential property worth at least 500 000 EUR + VAT needs to be maintained permanently.

Benefits of holding Cypriot second passport

As soon as you acquire Cyprus citizenship you will be granted the following benefits

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